Graphite Pencil Drawing on paper, 19_x25



To Feel the magic when shadows are falling in place and the illusion of Amazing drawings rises up as Artwork, is one of my Passions; I am a lover of all things traditional and humble, and a believer that the Simplest things make Great things Happen. Wood Charcoal and Graphite Pencil are fascinating not only for its simplicities, but for their stories. Charcoal is one of the oldest mediums in Art that has been even with the caveman; And the pencil Has been in the hands of the whole world.

In Art the Charcoal and Graphite Pencils have come from classic Realistic drawings, to the most contemporary Modern



 I am passionate about Making Pencil Drawings and creating Oil Paintings, especially Portraits regardless of age, gender, race, religion, social condition, political thoughts or where they come from. I would like to have enough time to be able to immortalize the history of each person in a Unique Piece of Art, from the most humble to the most royal, capturing the essence of an individual transcending time and place. For this reason, my Artworks are done in a realistic style with extreme attention to detail, beyond each person’s features capture an honest expression of the subject itself; reflecting their thoughts, their state of mind, experiences, visions, and their legacies; providing to the observer with a visual experience transporting them to the subject’s emotional and physical inner and outer reality.