Realistic paintings are like mirrors that reflect not only the Artwork of an Artist, but also reflect the observer, especially in paintings of people. Those who open their imagination and capture the language of Art are turned into Artist as well. A new creator who enters into a time machine; Traveling through time, feeling surrounded by emotions: peace, happiness, joy or moments of sadness or pain; that you don't know where they come from.  

We use a glass mirror to see our face;  and we use works of art to see our soul. 


In the Process of making a Portrait I make rough sketches, notes, and take photographs from various angles and lighting effects for my references, always visualizing the finished Artwork. Photos are only tools, or a notepad, I don't stay attached on it. I sketch different stages, sections, and facial features like a map; then I spend hours studying the person intensely before to begin drawing them; the same process applies to a Pencil Drawings or Oil Paintings, because the base of an Oil Painting is a drawing; This method of creation helps me understand facial expressions and imagine the process from beginning to end and visualizing the finished image.