Alexander Porto is a Cuban-American realist painter, best known for his pencil drawings and oil paintings, which many call Hyper Realism, where the main subject is the human being; Created from the old master technique thru today's modern art, showing a New Emotional Realism in Art. 





A Porto was born in Bayamo, Province of Oriente, Cuba in 1973. In his youth, his sensitivity to beauty drew him to begin dabbling in sketching and drawing. The discovery of his ability to capture on paper his visual experiences gradually made him realized that Art would be his world and life's work.

The pursue of his passion was not hindered by the limited artistic exposure and resources prevailing during his initial formative years in Bayamo. Alexander earned a Bachelors Degree in Art from Santiago de Cuba University at the age of 22 years old. Since then and until the year 2004, in which he immigrated to United States, he earned a living as an Art and Graphics professor. 


In 2004, Alexander felt reborn by the real possibility of evolving into the dormant artist that could now be truly developed. Endless opportunities for research of classic and modern art, endless opportunities for experimentation with an abundance of quality materials, endless opportunities for interaction.... The internet, gallery art, museums art, competitions, master classes, publications, exhibitions, to make art and friendships with local artist and art patrons. His real appetite awoke! His potential unleashed! 

The objective of his Portraits are to evermore approach the presence of each subject by capturing the essence and substance of each form. Meditation provides him with introspective knowledge of the content of his subject. His Art Technique is the placing of layer over layer of lines, each layer creating the foundation of each subsequent layer, creating each subject from essence to form. 

His mastery of anatomy and geometry coupled with a keen eye and understanding of chiaroscuro results in powerful Artworks that provide and intriguing visual experience transporting the observer to the subject's emotional and physical inner and outer reality. 


Alexander's main subject is the human being. He is frequently sought out by Art collectors and patrons commissioning portraits-describing a subject's presence, capturing its inner self, and telling its story. 

Porto's portraits adhere to the classic vernacular. His Artworks are rendered in a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil. 

Alexander Porto is a member of the Portrait Society of America and a participant in the 12th Annual International Portrait Competition held in the year 2010. 

Alexander currently resides with his wife and daughter in Cutler Bay, FL. United States.